Being Free

Written by Rebecca Smith on .

It came to my attention last week, whilst on a training course with thoroughly nice people, that even though we were of all age groups and from varied backgrounds, that in one way or another, we all wanted to be free from something? Free from the need to smoke, free from the fear of flying, free from an unhappy relationship, free from a traumatic event from years ago, free from excess weight etc etc. All of those in attendance felt that their lives would be better if they were free.

Ponder the thought yourself for a moment..............What do you want to be free from? How would that feel? What would it allow you to do that you can't do now? What would it bring into your life? Who would it allow you to be? How will it look if it happens? What will happen if you don't do it? What will it allow you to achieve?????


This is the sort of conversation you can expect to have with a Life Coach, a person who can help you reach deep within, motivating and inspiring you to be free from what is holding you back.  A good coach will listen, without judgement, will not give advice but help you facilitate the changes that you can make to step out into the world as the person that you want to be.

Sometimes it can feel as though your problems are too big to overcome, that too much has to happen for the changes to occur, that other people in your life may get hurt etc. All therapy, whether it be coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques or other, involve change - that's the point! We all have a choice, we can choose change and taste freedom if we want to. Getting help from a professional life coach just makes the process a whole lot easier.

Take a deep breath and away you go.........................................


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