Stress Management Programme

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control, a sense of being trapped with too much going on and just surviving instead of thriving, usually indicates that you are stressed.  When stress goes on for too long, it can often result in panic, anxiety and depression.

And if left unresolved, can result in serious illness. We offer a programme to deal with the direct symptoms of these feelings, which will not only help you understand what is happening to you but allow you to get control and put it into a perspective that allows you to get on with your life. We can teach you to plan, regain control and move forward.

There are many causes of stress but the top 5 over several years remains the same, death and bereavement, divorce and relationship issues, family illness and finances, with stress in the workplace coming out on top.  These are big stressors but equally, you can feel overwhelmed if many, everyday stresses accumulate.  Reports state that stress costs the NHS millions each year and the problem is “massive”.
Some stress is good for us; it makes us take action and ensures that we get things done.  When you feel stressed, it’s your body’s way of responding to what is going on and it causes a complicated cascade of hormones to rush through the body to help you to cope. This sweep of hormones can leave you irritable, tired, anxious, and fearful, prevent sleep and cause erratic eating and a dependence on alcohol.

The 1st rule we teach you in the management of stress, anxiety, panic and depression is that you always have a choice and that even though you may feel you can’t change, you can. We teach you that the way that you think, affects the way that you feel, which affects the way that you behave.  So just starting to think differently sets off a chain reaction, resulting in a different behaviour. 

At Newport Complementary Health Clinic, the programmes that we offer to address stress, anxiety, panic and depression help you to

•    Understand what stress is.
•    Learn how it happens.
•    Identify your stressors.
•    Acknowledge the 3 levels of stress and realise where you are in them.
•    Understand how stress is affecting you.
•    Solutions and strategies to overcome stress anxiety, panic and depression.

The programmes that we offer comprise of a combination of dietary advice and nutritional support through Kinesiology sessions.  Life Coaching is part of the process used to address goals and actions including exercise programmes.  We use a variety of techniques to re programme your mind to choose the way that you think and teach a variety of self-help techniques, all of which allow you to take control and feel more resourceful.  Each programme is individually tailored to suit each individual person.
Please see ‘Clinic Information’ for programme structure and fees.